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Netscaff Services Ltd specialises in safety net rigging and fall arrest systems, along with edge protection and independent scaffolds. We also provide a fixed access stair tower system, i,e Haki access tower, Uni scaff stair tower. We provide a safe and reliable service to the construction industry, offering affordable protection throughout the UK. We work on a wide range of sites from small builds to sites over 100,000 sqm plus.

Domestic Scaffolding Services
NetScaff Scaffolding Services

Scaffolding Services

NetScaff Scaffolding Services, we offer commercial, industrial and residential scaffolding to suit all needs.

Our scaffold (basic structures) will be constructed in compliance with TG 20 (latest version), scaffold structures outside the remit of TG 20 volume 1 will require a design plan approved by a structural engineer.

Health and Safety is a very important factor in scaffolding that is why we make sure all scaffold is constructed of scaffold tube, fittings, alloy/steel/timber and ladders. All materials will be in accordance with a relevant British Standard or their equivalents:

• Scaffold tube (BSEN 10219).
• Proprietary fittings to current standard BS 1139 (BSEN74).
• Ladders (BSEN 131 and/ or manufacturers standards).
• Scaffold 225mm x 38mm (BS 2482:2009) from certified sustainable source (i.e. PEFC/ FSC).
• System (BSEN 12810 & manufacturers standard)

NetScaff Netting and Scaffolding Services Bradford
NetScaff Safety Netting Services

Safety Netting Services

At Netscaff Services we believe that safety netting offers the best protection for workers above while also allowing freedom of movement below for other trades.

We also provide vertical netting, debris netting and sacrificial netting. We install all aspects of safety netting for existing roofs and new build roofs.

Here at Netscaff we only use Safety Nets which conform to BS EN 1263 – 1:2014. Our Safety Net Systems are installed to BS EN 1363 – 2:2014 and BS 8411:2007 Code of Practice, so you can be assured that our safety net systems can perform to a high standard when needed. Our netting complies with all the relevant health and safety legislation.

We will inspect and check the nets and edge protection every 7 days or where debris or damage has occurred.

Debris netting is an optimum solution for the protection of site personnel, road and pedestrian traffic, and adjacent properties from the risk of falling tools and debris.

Debris netting can also act as an effective wind, vision or shade barrier for the protection of operatives whilst on site.

Our debris net systems provide a fine mesh overlay to installed safety net systems. Debris nets can be attached to edge protection systems.

Sacrificial netting or Roof over netting is used as a last resort when fixing a new roof over a existing roof.

The Health and Safety Executive regards Safety Netting as being the “Preferred method of fall arrest when working at heights” and in this respect it is imperative that all nets are regularly tested and comply with the correct standard BS EN 1263-1. All Safety Nets are tested annually for UV Degradation.

After each net is tested a special identification tag will be fixed to each net to prove it has passed and is safe to use. Before each job is started we will provide the cert for each net to prove it is in date and has been kept maintained and tested.

All our nets are manufactured to EN-1263-1 standard and are checked prior to erection. All personnel are FASET assessed net riggers and hold all the correct cards for the job (CSCS, CISRS, IPAF, IPAF+ and more).

We will be happy to give advice as to the kind of system required for specific projects.

Edge Protection

We provide Edge Protection attached to all forms of steelwork for new buildings with sloped or flat roofs.

We also erect Edge Protection built from the floor to suit all heights. We ensure all our Edge Protection systems complies with the current British & European standards for working at height.

Scaffold edge protection consists of either, aluminium beams or triple aluminium tube, in accordance with SG27 NASC health and safety guidance.

Scaff tags and hand over certification will be completed after each job.

We offer a range of temporary edge protection systems to provide complete safety for site personnel working at height. Our Edge Protection systems are lightweight, designed to meet your requirements and quick to install.

All temporary edge protection system installations are carried out by CISRS trained (Levels 1 & 2) staff members who are also IPAF trained.

Our temporary edge protection systems tested to Class A, B and C of the European Standard BS EN 13374:2013.

• Class A: Provides protection to flat surfaces and slopes up to 10o. It provides resistance to static loads and is based on the requirements to support a person leaning against, walking beside and possibly stumbling against the edge protection.
• Class B: Provides protection to flat surfaces and slopes generally up to 30o, and to even steeper slopes with short slope lengths. It provides resistance to both static and low dynamic loads and is based on the requirements to support a person leaning against, walking beside, and possibly stumbling against, and sliding down a sloping surface towards the edge protection.
• Class C: Provides protection to steeply sloping surfaces generally up to 45o, and up to 60o for 5m slopes. It provides resistance to high dynamic loads only and is based on the requirements to contain a person sliding down a steeply sloping surface.

Access Towers

Access towers are a safe solution to meeting work at height regulations and protecting your workers.

Not only are they safer, stair towers increase productivity on site by delivering quick and safe access. Careful planning is required when providing safe access to roof level.

Stair Towers, erected by our competent trained riggers, are the HSE’s preferred option as they allow materials such as small components or tools to be safely carried onto the roof.

The stair tower systems are installed by our trained operatives with CSCS certification, using Personal Fall Protective Equipment and the Advanced Guard Rail System, to ensure the installation process is safe at all times

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NetScaff Netting and Scaffolding Services Bradford
NetScaff Netting and Scaffolding Services Bradford

Safety Netting and Scaffolding Services